The academic base of the study is the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre (BRC). The BRC aims to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The unit provides state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and staff to assist researchers in their complex projects.  It is one of 20 units around England funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). Leicester BRC is a partnership between the University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. You can find more information regarding our work, as well as contact details, by clicking the link below.

Professor Matthew J. Bown is the study's Chief Investigator (CI). He is a Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon based in Leicester. He treats patients with aneurysms and other vascular pathologies and has been involved in aneurysm research for many years. You can access his academic profile web page with further information about his research and contact details by clicking the link below.

Research Nurses: 

Camilla Gibson

Caroline Maslen

Elizabeth (Libby) Waden

Our screening team: Camilla Gibson, Caroline Maslen, and Libby Wadey

Our screening team: Camilla Gibson, Caroline Maslen, and Libby Wadey

The study is supported by a group of academics, surgeons and other research staff, with significant experience in this type of research:

1) Mr Andrew Duncan (Leicester BRC and Leicester University Hospitals NHS Trust). Mr Duncan is a trainee in vascular surgery and he is currently completing his higher degree (MD). He has a leading role in the study and performs, under the supervision of Professor Bown, a variety of roles, including screening in the community. 

2) Mr Athanasios Saratzis (Leicester BRC). Mr Saratzis is an NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer in Surgery and is responsible for day-to-day management of the research.

3) Mr Tim Hartshorne (Leicester Vascular Unit). Mr Hartshorne is an expert in vascular ultrasound and quality assurance for aortic screening programmes. He is responsible for training the research nurses in aortic screening and monitoring the quality of screening over the course of the study.

4) Mrs Lucinda Spence (Leicestershire Aneurysm Screening Unit). Mrs Spence is a screening nurse and manager of the Leicester AAA Screening Unit. She ensures the delivery of screening activities in the study and is the main liaison with primary care sites to secure premises for screening clinics.

5) Professor Azhar Farooqi. Professor Farooqi is the link between the study team, the CCGs and primary care teams (he is Chair of the Leicester City CCG and a Professor of General Practice).

6) Professor Martin Tobin. Professor Tobin will provide public health input into the project. He is a Public Health Consultant and his expertise has been used in setting up the study and will also be used for disseminating our findings appropriately.